Monday, March 16, 2009

Update On My Beading Endeavors

Just a quick update on what I've been up to lately with my beads.
  1. I've just completed a peyote stitched pattern I was testing for a designer and sent that off, so I'm back to working on the Mini Mona Lisa.
  2. I played with BeadTool for an evening and realized once again that I'd really like to have a Delica sample book with me when I do that. Since I cannot afford to purchase that right now I've designed and printed some cards and I'm busy stitching on the beads that I have in my stash. I'll show you all the final results once all my beads are on and the pages are stitched together.
  3. Plans are in the works for creating some beads from recycled materials. I'll be posting pics and instructions once I've completed that project.
  4. My niece has been bead shopping and I'm told picked out some really nice ones. I'll be getting together with her soon to show her what she can do with them. I haven't yet seen what she has, so I have no idea what kind of a project this will be. I'm guessing it will be stringing; but since she's a very creative girl, she might surprise me. Of course there will be pics coming from this as well.

If you feel so inspired, go ahead and comment here on the projects you are working on. Links welcome :)


Beads Buy Bulk said...

I love your blog, and would like to keep reading it! I am especially interested in hearing how you go with the beads made from recycled material. Keep us updated!
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I'd love to hear what you think.

Avogana said...

I like it, especially the way you answer each of your reader's questions with a post. I did wish I could leave comments there though. Have you ever joined a Bulk Buying group? Many of these groups work with the bead suppliers to gain an extra discount. I found that method to have the greatest savings, but you do have to be careful of group fees and shipping costs adding up.

Amy Esther said...

Hi there! Just stumbled on your blog through blogcatalog.

I think the mona lisa design is really pretty!

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