Thursday, January 25, 2007

White Flowers

I'm testing a bead pattern for my friend Dot. It's a beautiful picture of white flowers on a soothing green background. She calls the pattern White Flowers. It's not done yet, but I thought I'd show you what it looks like so far. It's super shiny, which makes it hard to photograph, but I did my best. Not just shiny, it's really, really sparkly like a fancy evening gown, beads catching the light and bouncing it back in all different directions. I've got 32 rows left to do. I think I'm going to design a complementary pattern in the same size and bead colors then put the two together to make a small bag - just big enough to carry some credit cards, your drivers liscense and the ever important lip stick. The finished size will be 4 inches by 4 inches.

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