Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Fashion Forcast

A rainbow of colors all sun drenched, subtle and soft as shown on the left. Clothing will be shimmering in these colors on fluid lightweight fabrics, so our jewelry will need to complement that.

Necklaces are forcast to be the most popular jewelry item. Gold metals will complement the spring colors nicely, try layered chains of different thicknesses. Natural materials like seashells and polished rocks will be quite common. Also popular - large colorful beads.

Earrings will be swinging, dangly or fringed. Think movement!

Bracelets will tend toward wide or stacked bangles with interesting and contrasting textures. Charm bracelets will still be in too.

For rings, think big, bright and noticeable.

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nina (beadchat) said...

Your cab is wonderful !! I dream to make one...
BRAVO for your nice blog