Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Environmentally Friendly Beading Wire and a contest

It's so exciting to see the beading world become environmentally friendly. This week I've discovered that Soft Flex has become the worlds first wire manufacturer to go green. I like their green page better than Fire Mountain Gems.

  • It talks about their new Extreme Flex Eco Friendly Beading Wire.

  • It tells us how to recycle the packaging and spools the wire comes on.

  • It tells us where we can send in your wire scraps and spools so they can be recycled.

  • It tells about their green practices, like one third of their employees telecommuting. (Hey I'm in the market for a job, maybe they can hire me to telecommute!)

  • It's got lots of tips on many ways we can all be more green.

There's currently a contest on Bead & Button with several spools of Soft Flex as the prize including the new Extreme Flex. The contest ends on March 31st. Good Luck.

Keep watching, I've got a couple more posts on green beading in the works.

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