Friday, July 06, 2007

Updates on two shows

I should have reported this a long time ago, but I was having too much fun with some new designs to take the time out to blog. I'll post about the new designs once I get the pictures transferred from my camera.

Frankenmuth Show
The Frankenmuth show went well. Hellen, you'll be glad to know my experiment in booth design was a success - we definitely drew in more people with the outward U booth design. All three days had perfect weather. I had the best spot in the show - right on the sidewalk on an outside corner. I wasn't the only one with such a great spot, but I was the only outward U in a spot like that and I seemed to get more customers than the others. There were trees providing shade which everyone was grateful for on such a hot day. I felt bad for those with booths not in the shade - it was very hot in their booths. However, I did see a booth with a battery operated cieling fan. I may have to get one of those. Tons of people walked through this show. Not to many buying on Friday or Saturday but many returned and lots of buyers on Sunday. Sorry, no pictures as I had misplaced my camera.

4th of July Show
This one was in Clarkston at Clintonwood Park. I should have announce it here prior to the show but didn't get much time for blogging. I used the outward U setup again and loved it. I did make one change to that setup; I added some chain to the supports on my tent frame so that I could hang the rosaries, eyeglass leashes and sun catchers. The rosaries and eyeglass leashes got a lot more attention than they ever did on a table display. Amazingly, the sun catchers didn't and I'm not sure why. The weather people lied to us again. They had said it would be all thunderstorms and high winds. This time I'm glad they were wrong. There was some heavy rain during setup, but it didn't last long and the rest of the day was perfect. The high winds never happened. In previous years the show ended at 5 even though the festivities at the park kept going until the fireworks. The new promoter this year told us we were welcome to stay past 5 and right up until the fireworks if we wanted to. I was one of the few who stayed and I'm glad I did. I got pictures this time (finally found my camera). As soon as I can figure out how to get the pictures from my camera into my new Vista based computer I'll post them. At the moment the camera doesn't seem to be compatible with Vista, but there's got to be a way around that.

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