Thursday, April 12, 2007

Show Report: Mott Spring 07

Here's a photo of the booth we used for the show. The two girls in the booth are my partners for that show. Spring shows are usually slow, so I partner up and we split the booth fee. Sandy does all the beaded flowers you see ont he left. Maria strings semi-precious stones into jewelry that is much different from the beadweaving that I do. So our work is similar enough to show in one booth without us actually competing with one another. I did fix the way the table cloth lays across the front edge, having noticed it just after taking the photo. I think next time I should turn the necklace stand on the end sideways so it can be seen from the aisle.

As usual, we didnt' sell much at this show. We made a combined total of under $100. I think at this time of year the people attending just aren't interested in what we are selling. We heard a lot of people comment on items that would be good for mothers day. Most of them asked if we were doing any more shows closer to mothers day. They just weren't ready to spend the money yet. If they move this show to a date closer to mothers day I'll try it. If they leave it scheduled in March I don't think I'll bother doing this one again.

My next show was just added. It will be at the Genesys Hospice in Goodrich Michigan on May 19-20. I'll post more information on it soon.

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