Sunday, February 25, 2007

Beaders Provide Water to Villages in Africa

I just found an article about a group of women in Miami that are helping villages in Africa to drill wells so they can have fresh water. These villages currently have no water source. The women of these villages walk about about 4 miles to get to water (often dirty, disease filled water) and carry about 44 pounds of it back to their families each day. These villages can easily have fresh water by drilling wells, which cost about $3000 each. Unfortunately, the villages cannot afford that. So a group of women in Miami came up with a plan. They learned to bead, designed just two styles of earrings and sell those two styles, donating all the money to purchase wells for these villages. So far they've raised enough to provide safe water to two villages in Africa. Click on the title of this post to see the full article.

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Stephanie said...

wonderful link, thanks for that! Glad you found me and led me back here.

I've just begun beading again after being away for nearly 16 years! so great to find a beading blog like yours!