Friday, September 29, 2006

Updates and Beautiful Bookmarks

Shepherd Hook Bookmark - Teal
I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy working on my new studio space and revamping the Kintera Arts website, as well as creating many new pieces for the upcomming fall shows.

I'm not quite done building the studio yet, so pictures will come later. But you can check out what I've done on the website. The entire Shepherd Hook Bookmarks section of the site is up and running in the new format as well as a few other pages scattered throughout the site.
Shepherd Hook Bookmark - Leaf
Visually the new format isn't too different from the old one as it has the same colors and menu system. I took the pictures out of those heavy frames they were in and optimized the pages so they'd load faster. It makes the pages much easier to look at. I also took the time to learn to photograph and optimize the pictures correctly so you can really see the details of the beaded items on the site now. I filled out the descriptions on each item page and added lots of extras like stone lore, color connotations and even the story of Pegasus.

I'll be adding a few new bookmarks next, then moving on to the next section of the site - Beaded Bracelets.

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