Monday, May 01, 2006

Troll Bead

Went shopping at the Rings and Things show in Novi yesterday. As always, saw tons of high quality beads at very low prices. This is still the best bead show I have ever been to. Got some nice cabs to bead around, and lots of black beads - tourmaline and onyx (my stock in black was low). I picked up a few other strands that looked like they'd be fun to play with too, and wished I could afford to get a whole lot more.

Maybe some of you have heard of or seen the Russ Troll bead? His employees like him so much they had his likeness made into a troll shaped bead. I was surprised not to see any of those at the show. Well, when I was checking out they asked me how I'd heard of Rings and Things. I told him I am in an online forum with the owner Russ. That's when they handed me one of those beads. They were giving them out to whomever drops Russ' name at the show. The one I got has on red socks, green shorts and a polka dot shirt. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, but it's kind of cool having a bead of someone I know. Thanks Russ.

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irslan2u said...

Thank You gives me the knowledge about beads. I will take some more pictures soon ....But my son has to help me make a little video when I make a bracelet. I promise...... soon
troll bead